Boho Floral Key Fob Wristlet

Boho Floral Key Fob Wristlet

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Description from Ginger and Madison

A Key Fob Wristlet is the perfect addition to your keys to help you carry them with ease and find them quickly in your purse. You won't have to worry about juggling your keys, wallet, and phone in your hands any longer, just slip your hand through the wristlet and you're on your way!

Made from 100% cotton, eco-friendly fabric!

- Please note that the pattern may look slightly different from the photo above as it will vary depending on where it was cut from the fabric.

- Fabric Key Fob made with interfacing to create a sturdy product, and 1 inch wide silver hardware.
- 6 inches in length, including hardware.
- Includes small colored tassel, color choices are available, and a lobster swivel clasp for convenience.