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I am so glad you are here!

I'm Amber!

I design unique, hand lettered goods to inspire and bring joy to other women's days. 

 I am a mom to one wild, sassy little boy.
I love a cold copper mug filled to the brim with a mule in one hand and a big ol’ bucket of buttery popcorn in the other. 
Most of the time I will be sippin’ on my coffee, binge watching tv with the husband and cooking food like a wannabe (far from it) master chef. 
I basically thrive on a weekly visit to a coffee shop (because coffee is always better when you're not the one making it), being creative and spending time with my family.
I knew I needed to create routine in my day so that I could:
  • take a moment for myself each day
  • gather my thoughts 
  • be the best mama for my son
    When I decided to find pockets for myself in my daily routine, it gave me something to look forward to.
    I was happier, joyful and more fulfilled. 
    Are you ready to find your joy, girl friend? 

    That cute cup is waiting for you, go find it! 

    Let’s sip together! See what I did there? HA! I think I am so clever sometimes.